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1 ). What is ?
=>Alaricus Auctions is an online marketplace that provides Online Service for transparent and sufficient selling and Buying of various products on basis of eAuction both Forward and Reverse. All you need to do is, place bids for products available on website. You can win the auction products very easily by having right game strategy. is genuine eAuction website where you can place your bids online. Many bidders will bid for products available in online eAuction and only one bidder will win the product. The winner will be declared once the bidding is closed. To place bids in eAuction, you have to first register with us. You can start bidding products once you are permitted to place bid in that particular eAuction.

2 ). How can I register to Alaricus Auctions Private Limited ?
=>Alaricus Auctions provide its users a efficient and real platform to come to Online era of business. You can sell or buy many products online easily and quickly as compared to outside world of Offline Business. You just have to register to our site (absolutely free of cost) and then you will be given your unique ID with help of which you can access the services of our platform.

3 ). What is new in Alaricus Auctions ?
=>Unlike all other online bidding websites is not only for Selling or buying, it’s for both “Selling and Buying" together based auction site. Our site is combination of both Selling and Procurement (mentioned as Forward and Reverse Auctions) hence there will no need to go for different websites or platform. You can avail our service for both Selling of Products and buying as well.

4 ). How to Participate in eAuction ?
=>Participation process is very simple and easy, You just have to register with our website (absolutely free of cost) and then you will be given your unique ID with help of which you can access the services of placing Bid on our Portal for both Forward and Reverse Auctions after getting Permitted by Admin from our site.

5 ). What is Online Reverse Auction ?
=>Now a day’s online reverse Auction becoming more popular in India and many of us had a question on what is online reverse auction. It’s basically used for Procurement Purposes.
An online reverse auction or online reverse bidding means bidders needs to place unique lowest bid to win the auction. Which means bid amount needs to be unique and it should be lowest amount than other bidders bid amount.

6 ). How can I start bidding ?
=>You can start bidding on live auctions once you register and permitted to participate.
There are many products in live auctions and you can start bidding and amount will be proceed with provided minimum increment and decrement for specific product.

7 ). Where can I see all live auctions ?
=>Click on "Live Auctions" link in main menu and you will be navigated to "Live Auctions" page. In this page, you can find all products which are available Auction. Each product will below details
• Product image
• Name of the Product
• Location
• Actual Product Price
• Minimum Incerment or Decrement
• Auction start Date & time
• Auction Closing Date & Time
You can click on Auction ID / Heading to view complete details about the product

8 ). How to know my bid status ?
=>Once you place bids in "Bidding room" page, You will be display with your current status for Particular Product bid.

9 ). Will I receive notification if somebody overbid my bid amount ?
=>Yes, if your " Bid amount " is overbid by anyone then Bid status will be updated to you as well with current Received Bid amount.

10 ). Is there any timing to submit bids ?
=>Yes, you can bid only during the given time period for auction.

11 ). Can I undo Bids submitted by me ?
=>No, once a bid submitted cannot be modified or undone.